Statement of Rob McCord on Protecting Our Pets

January 15, 2014

Statement of Rob McCord on Protecting Our Pets

“The way we treat animals says something about us as a society. That anyone could treat a defenseless animal inhumanely is unconscionable.  That is why, when my family decided to get a dog, we went first to a shelter.  We rescued Mobius in 2010 and he’s been a beloved member of our household ever since.

“I appreciate all of the great work animal shelters and county humane societies do all over the state, so I was proud to direct treasury’s Unclaimed Property team to search for funds owed to these organizations. We found more than $100,000 available to shelters that do such good, caring work.

“Like so many pet owners, I was appalled by Pennsylvania’s reputation as the Puppy Mill of the East, but I was proud when the state stepped up and enacted stronger protections designed to improve our standing. However, as recent stories have shown, even the best of intentions do not produce desired results. Governor Corbett has been lax when it comes to enforcing Pennsylvania’s Dog Law, and he has deprived the state Department of Agriculture of the resources needed to enforce the law and protect canines. As governor, I’ll change that.

“I also believe that the issue of animal protection goes beyond dogs. Proper animal care must be part of a sustainable and profitable agriculture industry.  It should be at the heart of our efforts to eliminate illegal poaching practices, dog fighting, and live pigeon shoots that are conducted as a form of gambling as opposed to the conduct of our true sportsmen. And it should guide our work to protect exotic animals and to improve conditions for animals in captivity.

“As governor, I will put in place experienced professionals who are committed to protecting the health and well-being of all creatures; I will support measures that ban inhumane activities; I will enforce measures that instill accountability on those who are negligent or abusive; and I will enact protections for whistleblowers who speak out against the mistreatment of animals.”